From Empty to Full

Shampoo & conditioner are a curly haired girl’s best friend. You can’t have one without the other.

Conditioner might seem like an unessential thing compared to shampoo, but BOTH are an UNQUESTIONABLE MUST for those of us with curly hair.

If I don’t have conditioner, it’s pretty serious. But in the unfortunate event of this happening, I do one of two things:

(1) See if I can manage a quick run to Walmart (or Dollar General)

(2) Not take a shower

Ok, so I know that may seem pretty extreme, but just hear me out: If I don’t use conditioner during my shower routine,

the BEAST will be UNLEASHED!

Tangled, frizzy, and totally WILD. It’s not something I want to come face-to-face with – literally.

My conditioner is the one thing I actually know how to use to tame the mane. So, it comes to no surprise that I use WAY more conditioner than shampoo.

Cue struggle #4: my shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time!


I’m about a quarter of the way through my shampoo when I’m squeezing the life out of my bottle of conditioner.

Or I’m at the point where I’m violently shaking the conditioner, fighting to get the faintest remains of what’s left. But inevitably, I’m pounding it so intensely it doesn’t come out in my hand like I want it to. Instead, it finds its way on the wall or floor of the shower.

Well, isn’t that just lovely.

That’s when I know it’s time to get a new bottle of conditioner. But don’t you fret: I fight for every last drop!


I notice something like this happening on a bigger scale.

Ever notice an area of your life that you think is going great and FULL of abundant achievements?

And then you have another area that’s going less than ideal and you’re feeling completely EMPTY? Like you’re squeezing out everything you got and it’s still not enough?

Hear me friend. That’s ok. That’s normal.

We all have areas of our lives we struggle with more than others. What I struggle with isn’t the same thing you struggle with. That’s ok. That’s normal.

It’s not WHAT you’re struggling with that I want to address, but HOW you’re struggling with it.

Are you trying to pour into that area when you’re empty and have nothing left to give?

Are you counting on yourself OR OTHERS to get better?

Are you doubting if you can even get better?

Or are you ignoring that area of your life completely?

First off, you’re right – you can’t count on yourself or others. And you can’t get any better if you’re doubting, ignoring, and running on empty.

Friend, let me encourage you. ADMIT & SUBMIT.

Admit that you’re empty, hurting, and you can’t get better on your own. I know I can’t.

And submit. Submit to Him who will make you NEW.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” {2 Corinthians 5:17}

And when you do, God will provide the resources, people, and a NEW heart you need in order to recover BEST.

Curly Cue #4: Stop counting on yourself to give when you’re EMPTY to begin with. Submit to God and count on Him to FILL you up.




Brenna, the girl with curly hair ❤


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  1. Another great post !! I agree, when we’re running on empty, and trying to squeeze something out of nothing … that’s when we need to relinquish control and re-submit to God !!!! We need to “fill up” on His word and truth, and rely on His strength to turn things around. ❤️

    PS … I can totally relate to running out of conditioner WAY before the shampoo !! 😋


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